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15 years Muziekpublique, part 1

Blindnote – Tamala – Adana
Friday 6 April 2018 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
FRI 06/04

Muziekpublique is celebrating its 15th anniversary.  On this occasion we are bringing together on the Molière stage some of the most fabled and well known productions of our label, graced with brand new collaborations.

The group Blindnote will get together again for a unique performance, and will share the stage with Tamala, the duo Malick Pathé Sow and Bao Sissoko, and the Turkish-Armenian duo Adana. An evening of surprises in a totally unique program! As with numerous performances by Blindnote in 2010 and 2011, the concert will begin in total darkness! With your senses heightened, let yourself be amazed by this uncanny mix of music from Madagascar, Mexico, Turkey, Senegal, Armenia and Asia and by these melodies from the four corners of the world. The light grows, little by little, and one group follows another on the stage, in sometimes in well known and proven groups, and sometimes in fresh and totally new encounters, like the duo of Malick Pathé Sow and Bao Sissoko.

Adana is the coming together in music and friendship of Vardan Hovanissian, player of the Armenian duduk, and Emre Gültekin, player of the Turkish saz. Their album Adana came out in 2015, the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide, to offer a symbolic reconciliation through music.  They will return this evening to play their friendship again on the Molière stage.

Tamala is the latest project of the Muziekpublique label and brings together Mola Sylla, the Senegal singer, Bao Sissoko, player of the Senegal kora  and the Belgian violinist Wouter Vandenabeele. With their first album released a few months ago, the trio have joined the party to  celebrate the 15th anniversary of Muziekpublique.  Fifteen years of musical and cultural  encounters and varied collaborations.



  • Karim Baggili (Belgium) : guitar, oud, voice
  • Talike Gelle (Madagascar) : voice, drums
  • Osvaldo Hernandez (Mexico) : drums, flutes, conch, voice, artistic direction
  • Malick Pathe Sow (Senegal) : hoddu, guitar, voice
  • Vardan Hovanissian (Armenia) : doudouk, shvi, clarinet, accordion
  • Emre Gültekin (Turkey) : baglama, divan, cura, voice



  • Vardan Hovanissian (Armenia – Belgium)doudouk
  • Emre Gültekin (Turkey – Belgium) : saz, baglama, voice



  • Mola Sylla (Senegal) : voice, xalam
  • Bao Sissoko (Senegal – Belgium) : kora
  • Wouter Vandenabeele (Belgium) : violin


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